Wedding Squad

We are humbled to have our closest friends and family join us up front on the big day.

Man of Honor

Quez Harris

Quez is my (bride) favorite cousin, life of the party, and person I can count on most. He's the keeper of all the secrets, situation fixer, and ultimate speech giver. From red light / green light to pour up drank, you have always been on go when it comes to me and that's why I can't imagine my day without you.

Matron of Honor

Anteria "Booka" Rich

I (bride) always call her my little Pocahontas because she's always beautiful in every moment. She were the ring leader of my bad little Detroit cousin crew, and I loved how with every visit they would terrorize me. :-) I’ve watched her grow from that bad little cousin into a wonderful mother and leader who motivates me. She inspires me to travel the world and makes me want to capture every beautiful moment. I couldn't imagine my wedding without her.

Maid of Honor

Brit Williams

My (Quanesha) cousin Brit is my BBB: beautiful, boss, Brit. She is the person who helps me to focus and reach the goals I set for myself. I knew she had to be here for my big day because when it comes to handling her business, no one does it better. If you need a good TikTok, Insta photo, or catchy phrase, she's your girl. And always--put some respect on her name--she's my Dr. BBB.

Maid of Honor

Tara Lett

Tara is my (bride) best friend, my sister, and my cousin all in one. We have rode the waves of life together and through every bump she's been standing right beside me. She’s the Sweeetie to my Doja Cat to borrow from their "Best Friend" hit songs and lyrics. Despite her quiet and shy girl vibe, my "Sweetie" turns up every time and I look forward to seeing it at the wedding.

Best Man

Brandon Smith

He's my (groom) Big Brother and we have been rocking since my birth. He's my best man because I know that in any life and death situation he will always have my back and I will always have his.

Best Man

Quadry Smith

Although I (groom) got to watch you grow up Nephew, it is you who have inspired and helped me to grow into the man I am today as well. I got to watch your first steps and now we share a very special bond. I am so excited that you will stand by me as I take another step in this journey called life with my wife (to be).


Janelle Green

Janelle is my (bride) good conscious. She is as sweet as the cakes she bakes and the person I can always call for a boost. I love how you always make me me feel positive and grounded, and how you always have the right words for every situation.


Ty Brookshire

Ty is my (groom) T to the…. My best friend and the life of the party. Wherever he goes, T is always dancing or spitting hot verses making sure every one has a good time. We have been the life of the party together since middle school and I couldn’t see my day without you turning up with me!


Raquel Jones

She's been my (bride) Lil Jada for as long as I remember. Over the last 18 years, her soft squeaky voice has brought a smile to my face and joy into my life. She has been a sister to me that I have always needed and what that I will always have. I am so grateful that you blessed me with my niece and nephew and that I have you as a sister for life.


Derontae Guy

Tae is my (groom) Milwaukee brother. You've been my dawg since we went from coworkers to the best of friends. We’ve been rocking like family since my first day at the Cambria, and I am so grateful that experience brought us together.


Precious Shivers

She's my (bride) little sis aka Boss Baby. Although she's the youngest of the bride tribe, she is proof that anything you want is possible if you're willing to go get it. She's here because whenever I or anyone needs her she is there, because she always keeps her word. From managing small shops to owning her own brand, she makes me proud and wears her Boss Baby title well. I know that my day is better because her perfectly precious contributions will help improve our day in every way.


Jeremy Parks

My (groom) guy J5! He's someone I can always depend on and over the years, he's been there more than most. I had to have him on my team for the big day because I value our friendship. I am so glad to call you my brother and to know that our children call us both uncle.


Qulekia Gilmore

She's my (bride) glam in law. She's always glamorous and the life of any party and we couldn't imagine a wedding party without her. Que is my go to when I need fashion and hair advice because she set trends everywhere she goes. Her personality lights up every room with glitter and glam. If you want to be or feel fabulous and have a good time, then the Glam In Law is your girl.


Tony Clifton

They say that cousins are your first best friends and in this case it's true. You've been my (groom) A1 since day 1 and I am so glad that I get to have you stand by my side.