We’re Getting Married!

May 27, 2023 ∙ Phoenix, AZ

Welcome family and friends to our wedding site.

We want to say thank you for sharing such an epic moment in our life. This ceremony will be filled with laughter, fun, and love. So let's head west and turn up for the bride and groom because it is going to be a moment to remember!

Please RSVP and check out the registry.


Our Story


Q & A love story is the best comic love story ever. So, let's hear the story shall we? There were two attractive people who had shared mutual friends and frequently came in passing. They were both young, one thought one was so cute, and the other was so mean and rude. Nine years of having fun and being friends , Vinegar and Oil is what we called them fell in love and couldn't see life without each other or they both just realized that they simply just mix well together. On February 2019, Alfred got on one knee and asked the question that every woman waits to hear from the one they love. They both decided that on May 27, 2023 to become one in the presence of family and friends.

May 27, 2023

Phoenix, AZ